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Never worry about your resume again.

MyResume® Sites are progressive website apps(PWAs) with customizable resume and portfolio pages and can be installed to any device without the need for App Stores.

Uniquely designed to use cloud based services, MyResume uses modern, server-less technology for the fastest, no-cost sites possible.

All MyResume Sites:

  • Operate for FREE
  • Work on all devices - responsive design
  • 100% accessibility and privacy standards
  • Run anywhere and even work offline
  • Score 100 on Google Page Speed

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MyResume Website Applications

  • User-installable PWA (Progressive Web Apps) which means your resume site can be installed on any device without the need for expensive and complex App Stores.
  • Hosted on Global Edge Network (the cloud). Designed to use free tier services, without limiting performance or results.
  • Automated backups with intant rollbacks to any version. Uses Github for document tracking and backup.
  • FREE - 100GB/Mo Bandwidth
  • FREE - Up to 100 Form responses a month sent direct to your email.
  • FREE Secured Socket Layer (SSL) Cert (https://)
  • Customizable with your own domain name for as 9.99 a year.
  • Responsive Design, built with React and Gatsby JS. Serverless Modern and Fastest around.
  • Customize all content of your resume and/or portfolio. Add / Modify / Delete blog/portfolio posts.
  • Edit website settings, Add Google Analytics, change all settings, logos, etc... all from within the included site CMS.
  • Control YouTube videos with starting/stopping times, loop, mute, etc.. and NO ads!
  • PWA Offline Content (Never be caught without your resume again!). Your resume on all your devices, at all times even without internet.
  • Your stuff is SAFE - All stored in native image formats and text files that are downloadable at any time
  • Dark / Light Mode (full support for all web accessibility guidelines)
  • 100% SEO Optimized
    Google LOVES MyResume® Sites!
  • Full Privacy Compliance Support (GDPR and CCPA).
  • Contact Form - integrated contact forms on all pages of the your site, that sends everything right to your email inbox.
  • Social Media Icons - link to all your sites and allow users to easily share your content
  • OpenGraph structured data - entire site is structured to be shared with high quality image links on social sites
  • Twitter Cards meta - Your pages will look great when shared on Twitter
  • XML Sitemaps - Your entire site is automatically indexed and links provided to search engines.